Reviewing David Marsh’s EMINI Trading Strategies: What to Expect and What Not To

EMINI Trading Strategies is an online trading resource center that offers a variety of trading courses to beginners and experienced traders alike. Founded by David Marsh, this online resource center provides live training and home study courses that one can take advantage of to learn the ropes of E-mini and S&P trading.

EMINI Trading Strategies HomepageAdmittedly, there are dozens of trading resource centers offering various day trading courses on the subject of E-minis and S&P. This is why it pays to learn as much as possible about them before making a decision to sign up. Let’s see what EMINI Trading Strategies has to offer and whether or not it is a good choice.

What EMINI Trading Strategies Offer to Traders

First things first, EMINI Trading Strategies is not an online trade broker but rather an educational resource center where one can learn all there is about E-mini trading its facets. The resource center offers a live trading room of course, but this is quite common among trading training centers online. At present, there are 4 training courses being offered to anyone who is interested in day trading E-minis, with each course varying in degree and method of instruction.

The Tick Trader course focuses on teaching students how to earn at least a point per day in E-minis. Among all the courses being offered, this is the most basic program that traders can take advantage of in order to improve their day trading strategies and be able to consistently yet conservatively earn profits. This is unlike other trading courses where strategies and techniques are focused on earning as much profit as possible in a day and risking a sizable amount of a trader’s capital. According to David Marsh, the founder of EMINI Trading Strategies, those who wish to take advantage of the courses being presented in his trading resource center should be aware of the risks involved in such ventures. I agree with him in this, seeing that trading is not as easy as it would seem. There is always the risk of losing, and so one must have the right training and the right knowledge before even trying to do live trades. This is especially true with trading in S&P.

EMINI Trading Strategies ProIndicatorV2The ETSProTrader Course on the other hand allows students to learn about automated trading and how one can use it to execute trades in shorter periods. Unlike the Tick Trader course which is aimed at teaching traders the benefits of one or two trades a day, the ETSProTrader program is geared toward long term gains and trading. Students are taught the hands-off approach to trading by relying on automated trading software that can provide the necessary indicators and signals for viable trades and projected gains.

The ETSProIndicatorV2 software is another training resource offered by EMINI Trading Strategies. As the name implies, the program aims to teach novice traders the correct setups, when to trade and when not to, the rules of E-mini Dow and E-mini S&P trading, and the right times to enter and exit a trade. The ProIndicatorV2 is an optional addition to any course, and students can choose to purchase it or not based on their preference.

Lastly, EMINI Trading Strategies offers advanced trading courses in the form of live classroom training. Classes are concluded in 3 days and are facilitated by Marsh himself. The course promises to provide the more experienced traders with new techniques and trading strategies that can help improve their overall performance when day trading, allowing them to gain more and lose less. Trading sessions are done on a live platform so students can learn first-hand how trades are executed using the strategies outlined in live training.

Advantages and Disadvantages of EMINI Trading Strategies Courses

EMINI Trading Strategies Course PackagesThe biggest advantage of EMINI courses is that the classes are open to interested traders regardless of experience. Beginners are given orientation with regard to expectations and how trading in E-minis is quite different from trading in other markets. Aside from this, students are given the options to choose the courses they want to sign up for depending on their trading skills. Live support is also present, with Marsh taking time off to interact with students and answer their queries.

The disadvantage to these courses however is cost. Each course being offered is pegged at more than a thousand dollars, and that is serious money which you probably wouldn’t want to part with especially if you’re a novice and are skeptical as to whether or not the courses will amount to something in the long run. For the level of knowledge and amount of information that one can gain however, the price is worth every penny especially for those who are really serious about venturing into day trading. Aside from this, the Tick Trader course has recently been discontinued to make way for the more advanced live training sessions, and there is no information as to when it will be offered once again to students.

Pricing and Recommendation

The Tick Trader Training Course costs $1495. Students who wish to take advantage of Plus ProIndicatorV2 along with the Tick Trader course can choose to pay $1595 which includes a month-to-month lease of the software, or they can take advantage of the one year lease along with the Tick Trader course for $2490. Upon signing up, students will be given access to the member’s area where the live trading room can be viewed. All course packages include instructional videos, coaching, and email support as well as several other perks.

EMINI Trading Strategies can be considered a one-stop shop of sorts for everything related to E-mini trading. There is a course that is suited to every trader based on experience, and these courses offer additional tools that can help them develop their own trading strategies and expertise in the long run. However, it must be said that only the most confident and emotionally-capable individuals actually succeed in day trading, as this venture requires mental focus and the ability to make quick decisions when called for. If you’re serious about trading, EMINI Trading Strategies can help you in your dealings, but if you’re just looking for information and are not really sold on day trading and its benefits, you are better off finding free information on the internet.

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