Options Trading: A Review of Options University Courses and Programs

Founded by Bret Fogle in 2004, Options University (OU) is an internet-based trading resource center that offers a number of training courses and classes to those who wish to learn the basics of options trading or simply want to improve their already-established strategies.

Options University HomepageA lot of feedback – both positive and negative – has been given about OU by former students and other trading experts, which is why I decided to determine whether or not the education it offers can really help an aspiring trader. Is the information worth it? Let’s take a closer look.

What to Expect from Options University

Unlike most online resource centers that offer trading courses for just about any market available, Options University focuses on providing students with the necessary skills to trade in options and not much else. Although it also has courses on forex trading that one can take advantage of these are, for the most part, introductory courses for beginners who are just learning the ropes.

At present, Options University’s offerings can be classified into three types: home study courses, online classes, and coaching programs. This makes it easy for students to learn about options trading in their own time and in the method they prefer. There are home study courses and online classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, while there are individual and group sessions for OU’s coaching program.

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Options University Home Study Courses

Options 101 is OU’s offering to beginners, providing them with the essentials to options trading and introducing them to trading strategies which can be used effectively when trading live. In this course, students are expected to learn all there is to know about trading different options and be able to develop their own techniques once the course is accomplished.

Options 101 for Novice TradersAdvanced Options on the other hand is offered to students who already have a good grasp of trading but are still trying to develop their own techniques. The course also introduces students to options spread training, time spreads and the characteristics of profitable deals, and how different strategies can be executed for maximum gains.

Although not in the list of offered courses as of this writing, the Options Mastery course from OU is geared toward the serious learners. Everything from Options 101 to the Advanced Options course is included in this home study package, with plenty of strategies that are used by some of the best in the options trading industry.

Options University Online Classes

OU’s online classes are conducted via webinar, with students being given a chat box when a session starts so students can interact with the instructor and other participants if there are any questions or items that need to be clarified. Each class is a 4-night webinar series, with aspiring traders being taught how to get started in options trading, risk management, price movement, and several other concepts.

There are also optional trading classes that one can take advantage of, such as Directional Option Strategies, Options Pricing Model, Synthetic Positions, and Volatility Classes among others. Options University also offers monthly recurring sessions to interested students who really want to excel in options trading and would want the help of trading experts. Aside from this, advanced traders can choose to participate in a 12-week series of live webinars that feature various tips, strategies, and advice from Ron Lanieri, the popular options trader who has made a killing in options trading over the years.

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How It Works

Those who are interested in Options University’s course offerings can opt for the material they want to purchase regardless of trading experience. This means one is not required to purchase Options 101 before heading on to the more advanced courses. However, those who do not have a background in options trading are encouraged to start from the basics, working their way up the various materials provided by OU and gradually establishing a solid trading strategy until such time they are confident enough to handle live trading.

Options University Online Classes

Advantages and Disadvantages of Options University Courses

The biggest advantage of Options University courses is the amount of material available to novice and experienced traders alike. Those who are just starting out can learn a lot from the tutorials and coaching sessions being offered by OU principals. Aside from this, the information being provided to students has been proven effective by a lot of options traders. This means that anyone who exerts the necessary effort and takes time to really absorb the material being offered has an excellent chance at success as a trader.

On the other hand, one can say that a lot of the material presented in Options University classes can be obtained online without having to pay a single cent. This is the main drawback to OU as I see it, especially for those who already know their way around options trading and would want to learn something new.

Options Mastery Live SeriesPricing and Recommendation

Costs of signing up for Options University’s offerings vary based on the type of classes and the amount of material being purchased. There are stand-alone course offerings and there are courses which can be bought together as a package, and students have the opportunity to choose which ones to take advantage of. The Options Mastery Live Series with Ron Lanieri as facilitator is OU’s most expensive course, costing $3,997 as of this writing.

Although certainly not the most innovative, Options University courses are comprehensive and logical in approach. OU provides traders with useful instruction and advice, allowing them to learn as much as they can so they can start generating profit as soon as possible. While it is true that some of the material can be found in many online resources without having to pay a dime, the effort of putting together relevant facts and information can be quite exhausting. Options University takes away the guesswork when learning options trading, allowing one to focus on the strategies without spending too much time and effort on research. If you want to fully understand options trading and be successful in this industry, the courses offered by Options University may be your best bet.

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