Reviewing Rockwell Trading’s Educational Services: Advantages, Downsides, and Points to Consider

Rockwell Trading offers educational resources and services to people who are interested in day trading. Founded in 2005, the company boasts of educating over 900,000 traders in over 200 countries to date, allowing them to learn the ropes of day trading and providing them with the tools needed to succeed in the industry.

Rockwell Trading HomepageA lot of positive and negative feedback has been given to the courses offered by Rockwell Trading, which is what prompted me to write this review. What exactly does it offer? Does it deliver on its promised results? Let’s find out.

What Rockwell Trading is All About

Rockwell Trading was founded in 2005 by a group of traders with the goal of providing quality educational resources to aspiring traders. At present, the company has 6 educational offerings to the public, including an e-book for beginners. Each of the courses being offered has its own approach and educational goals for learners, chief of which is to overcome their fears of the stock market and become more consistent in their trading strategies and techniques.

The first day trading course comes in e-book format. Entitled “The Simple Strategy”, this beginner course focuses on providing learners with a proven technique that has clear entry and exit rules that beginners can take advantage of when they start trading. The e-book also discusses how learners can benefit from what are being called intraday trends, allowing them to enter the market for shorter periods of time while still being able to profit from their trades.

The Simple Strategy E-bookThe Rockwell Trading Club on the other hand offers a more comprehensive look at day trading and some of the most effective strategies that can be used to one’s advantage. This educational course is comprised of 15 video sessions, with additional videos being added on a regular basis so learners can keep up with the dynamics of trading and various strategies used by more experienced day traders. The Rockwell Trading Club also provides instructions and guidance on how one can up with a trading strategy of his own and how to avoid various pitfalls and losses resulting from incorrect trading techniques.

The third offering, called the Ultimate Day Trading System, offers insights and lessons from Markus Heitkoetter, one of the founders and current CEO of Rockwell Trading. In this course, students are expected learn about indicators for effective day trading, the best markets to trade, how to set up effective charts, and how to identify trading trends. The course also focuses on the importance of having multiple trading strategies that can be used in combination for more effective and profitable results.

Rockwell Day Trading Indicators, which is also part of Rockwell Trading’s educational resources, provide learners with assistance on setting up effective charts that can allow one to visually monitor various indicators in the market. These charts come with instructional videos as well as charting software that can be installed on several charting platforms for better visualization and monitoring of market trends day in and day out.

For aspiring day traders who wish to learn the ropes in a live room, Rockwell Trading also offers a live trading room where one can see actual trading of futures on real accounts. Here, aspiring traders are given a glimpse of how the strategies discussed in earlier Rockwell Trading resources are used to a trader’s advantage.

The last offering which is the Personal Coaching Program covers 9 weeks’ worth of training that promises to help students create and develop their own trading plans and strategies and allow them to confidently exercise these in live trading. With Rockwell’s Personal Coaching Program, one will be entitled to a dedicated trading coach, access to all of Rockwell Trading’s home study courses, as well as post-program support upon completion of the personal coaching courses.

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Rockwell Trading Ultimate Day Trading SystemAdvantages and Disadvantages of Rockwell Trading’s Training Resources

Rockwell Trading’s educational resources are presented in a systematic and comprehensive manner, allowing an aspiring trader to learn the ropes in the soonest time possible. Each of the course offerings provide well-documented practices and trading strategies that are also being used by the founders themselves, meaning that they act on what they teach. However, there are two things that could possibly deter an aspiring trader from investing in all of these resources. One is cost, and other is repetition.

Educational tools and resources offered by Rockwell Trading are not as affordable as one would expect, particularly the personal coaching program. Aside from this, there are some topics and resources that are repeated across the offered courses. Although this may be to allow a student to learn as much as he can from one topic alone without buying into the other offerings, those who make an effort to complete all courses may find themselves being introduced to the same material as before.

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Pricing and Recommendation

Rockwell Trading’s educational resources vary in price, with the lowest pegged at $7 for the e-book. Each video on the Rockwell Trading Club on the other hand can be rented for 48 hours at $3.99 per video. The Ultimate Day Trading System costs $597 for instant access to the member’s area and the 3-DVD set, while the Rockwell Day Trading Indicators kit costs $197. Access to the Live Trading Room is a monthly expense pegged at $97 per month, and the Personal Coaching Program will set you back $3,997.

Trading Charts as Featured in Rockwell Trading Resources

While there are a lot of companies that offer similar trading resources and educational services, Rockwell Trading, in my opinion, offers one of the most comprehensive program online. The strategies taught to students are meticulously discussed and analyzed, allowing each aspiring trader to develop their own techniques while incorporating ideas they have learned from Rockwell Trading. I have to state however that it is definitely not a surefire way for one to earn profits overnight. As with any other activity, a certain level of dedication and patience has to be invested before the effort at day trading produces excellent results. If you think you have these characteristics, Rockwell Trading may be able to help you with your goals.

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