A Review of TradeRush Binary Options Trading Platforms: Gaining Profits in as Little as 60 Seconds

Traderush offers traders a binary options platform where one can earn up as much as 81% returns through 60-second options. Founded in 2011, the platform is considered by many who are looking for speedy trades and maximum gains.

TradeRush HomepageThere are other binary options trading platforms online, but a lot of traders prefer TradeRush because of the more aggressive form of trading being offered. What makes this platform unique from the others and what can it offer to novice and experienced traders? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

What TradeRush Offers to Traders

There are a number of features offered by TradeRush that makes it one of the top choices among binary options traders. Each of these contributes to the success of many a trader using the platform for their dealings. One such feature is indication, where traders are provided with clear information as to the time they have left for trading as well as the percentage of the amount to be earned from a successful trade. Each type of asset that is available for trade, whether stock, index, currency, or commodity is listed and given corresponding expiry dates with regard to trading options. This is usually between 60 seconds and 6 months.

Perhaps the most popular feature of TradeRush is its 60-second trading option, allowing one to trade various assets in as short as 60 seconds and earn profits when they call the right shots. For most traders, this 60-second window is enough to earn a generous profit off of their investments. This is what makes it exciting for them as well. It is important to note however that traders will need to have solid trading skills and strategies for them to make the right decisions in such a narrow window. Losses can accumulate in just an hour if the trading is not done carefully based on a sound strategy.

TradeRush OneTouch Option TradingAnother feature offered by TradeRush is OneTouch trading, offering up to 500% profits on trades for those who are willing to take on the challenge of making their own predictions based on the movement of assets in the market. In OneTouch, a trader chooses between two options provided by TradeRush on an asset, usually a choice between whether the asset will increase or fall at the end of the trading period. A trader will then have the option to call or put based on his or her strategy. All dealings for the OneTouch trading option close at 17:00 GMT, during which time TradeRush collates data from Reuters and processes payouts to traders every Friday at 20:00 GMT.

In addition to OneTouch, traders can also maximize their profits by doubling up their trades, a move that requires one to make another trade based on the current market price of the asset before closing. Once the exact price is reached, payments can then be processed in the same manner as that of the original trade.

TradeRush also offers traders the ability to come up with their own platform based on their needs and preferences. With the Option Builder, one can customize his or her own platform based on the asset classes being traded. Here, traders can also determine their own strike dates or follow the ones set by TradeRush for easier handling.

How Does TradeRush Work?

Interested traders who wish to try TradeRush are encouraged to sign up for a trading account based on the amount of capital they plan to spend on options. There are several account types offered by the trading platform, with each having corresponding perks and benefits especially the ones on the top tier. When opening an account, one can choose among several currencies that he or she can use while trading, and this can no longer be changed once the account has been set up. Minimum deposit for each currency is 200, and this can be done through credit card, Moneybookers, Liberty Reserve, and wire transfers. Minimum withdrawal amount on the other hand is $30 for credit cards, Moneybookers, and Liberty Reserve, while $100 is needed for a wire transfer.

Advantages and Downsides to Using TradeRush

The advantage to using TradeRush lies in the number of binary options which traders can choose from in their dealings. Projected payouts are also higher than most at 81%, all of which can be earned in a matter of 60 seconds depending on preference. Aside from this, TradeRush offers transparency in the trading information it provides to users with their highly visible indicators.

TradeRush OneTouch Indicators for Projected Gains When BuyingThe downside to TradeRush as I see it is that there is no demo or practice account available, and this can be very frustrating for those who are just learning the ropes of binary options trading. There is an introductory video of course, but that alone will not be able to provide comprehensive information to a novice binary options trader. Because of this, a beginner may just opt to find another trading platform that can provide educational resources instead.

Aside from the lack of instructional resources, those with average accounts are only given a certain amount of additional services, and most of the perks really go to those with top-tier accounts. Although this can be expected from any trading platform, it would be excellent if they offered a few more premium services to those in the middle-level trading accounts.

Final Thoughts on TradeRush

TradeRush is one platform that you should consider if you’re into binary options trading because of two reasons. One is that it provides multiple trading packages that you can take advantage of regardless of the size of your capital. Another is that it offers quick gains based on the principle of 60-second trading options. Alongside these quick gains however is the risk of quick losses, especially if one ends up trading too heavily on losing options in an effort to recuperate and win back lost capital.

As with all types of trading platforms, there is a level of risk involved in using TradeRush, but as long as you have a solid trading plan and strategy and are able to control the way you trade without losing all of your capital, this is one platform that can provide you with serious money.

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