Trading Concepts Programs: A Review of the Company’s Educational Resources, Their Advantages, and Disadvantages

Trading Concepts is a company that offers day trading courses and programs to traders. Founded in 1994, it promises to help beginners and professional traders improve their knowledge of trading and equip them with the right information on how to develop excellent strategies for better profits.

Trading Concepts HomepageIt would seem that everyone wants to hop on the trading bandwagon despite the risks involved in such ventures. For those who really want to learn however, it is important to find a company that can provide the best education possible. Does Trading Concepts meet this requirement? Let’s take a closer look.

What Trading Concepts Offers to Traders

At present, Trading Concepts provides training programs and courses in four different areas: e-minis, forex, options, and stocks. Each area has corresponding educational resources that students can use to their advantage when they finally start trading on their own. There are also software and premium services that one can opt for to supplement the training given during each of the mentoring programs.

The E-mini mentoring program offered by Trading Concepts can be further broken down into 4 different courses. The first course discusses the essentials of E-mini trading and various trading styles that one can adopt in real-life trading situations. It also covers discussions on the different trading beliefs and how one can adopt a mindset that is geared toward successful day trading. The second course, called E-mini Success Trading Principles, focuses on analysis and detailed descriptions as to entry and exit points, spotting profitable trends before they happen, and using what is called as the NYSE Tick in combination with other trading techniques to generate the most profit. Income Generating Strategies under the E-mini mentoring program on the other hand offers deeper insights into trade management, successive trend entries, price pattern trades, and several other subjects. The last course, which is E-mini Master Trader, focuses on trading plan execution and providing students with a summary of the whole program that is contained in PDF and video formats.

Trading Concepts Mentoring Programs for E-Minis, Forex, Options, and Stock Trading

With regard to forex trading, Trading Concepts applies the same 4-course formula to interested forex traders, with each course broken down into modules that include trading basics, trading mastery, trading styles, beliefs, and practices, and market flow analysis methods among others. Each module can be accomplished in an hour’s time, with students being provided PDF and video instructions to make the learning experience more systematic and less tedious.

The Trading Concepts mentoring program for options trading on the other hand offers an online trading environment where students can interact and learn from one another as well as other more experienced traders to expedite the learning process. Aside from this, students will also be given access to private webinars as well as PDF guides, worksheets, cheat sheets, and options trading strategies for 3 different types of markets that students will come across with when they start trading on their own.

Power Stock Trading, which is the last of the mentoring programs offered by the company, provides aspiring stock traders with unlimited stock trading mentoring for a lifetime. Covering every detail from the basics up to the more advanced methods, students who want to learn the ropes of stock trading are encouraged to sign up for this course in order to make the most of their education and training.

Some of Trading Concept's Software PackagesAside from the mentoring programs, Trading Concepts also offers several software platforms that aspiring traders can use to monitor trends and changes in the market that may boost or negatively impact any trading activity. At present, one can choose from 5 software packages from the company, with each being different from the other in terms of functions and features. These software packages can be used with leading platforms such as MetaTrader4, NinjaTrader, MultiCharts, and TradeStation. Premium services meanwhile provide students with access to live trading rooms and live personalized training.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Trading Concepts Programs

One of the advantages that Trading Concepts offers to students is that the courses are presented in a very logical manner. Each mentoring program starts with the basics of trading and gradually progresses to the more advanced skill sets, so a student who has no background in day trading can actually learn from scratch and be able to develop his or her skills accordingly. Aside from this, the modules are short and easy to accomplish, making them ideal for those who don’t have as much time on their hands because of other job commitments.

The downside to Trading Concept’s offerings is the fact that its developer and main instructor, Todd Mitchell, is not a trader by nature. Although there are other experienced traders leading the company, Mitchell’s lack of real experience in trading makes the courses theoretical at best. This is not to say however that the programs won’t work, as others have proven the opposite over the years. Aspiring traders may also be thrown off the programs because of costs, as Trading Concepts does not offer the cheapest educational resources.

Video Clip of a Successful Trading Concepts StudentPricing and Recommendation

Trading Concepts mentoring programs vary in cost depending on the type of courses being taken. Those who are interested are encouraged to visit the company’s website and enroll to learn more about costs and additional information that may come in handy when choosing the best type of program to get involved in. Software packages on the other hand range from $197 to $297, with special offers extended to those who wish to purchase any two software programs for use in their trading activities. Personalized trading training sessions on the other hand cost $2,495, $3,995, and $4,995 for one, two, and three-day training sessions respectively.

As I see it, Trading Concepts offers a solid program for each of the 4 main aspects of day trading. However, it would be wise to note that not everyone who takes advantage of the company’s educational resources end up as successful traders. It should also be noted that the training and software provided by the company will not dictate the success of your day trading goals. One must have patience and must be willing to put in the necessary hours before a nice profit is achieved.

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