Zone Options Binary Options Trading Review

Zone Options is one of the newer binary stock brokers offering their services online. In simple terms, what Zone Options offers is the opportunity to invest in binary options, or what are also called fixed options. Traders are expected to profit from making an accurate prediction on how stock, foreign currency, commodity, or index performs over a specific period of time.

Zone Options HomepageZone Options opened in 2011 and is relatively new as far as similar services go. It uses a trading software platform called TechFinancials. While it’s not so widely used in the industry, it’s considered to be a very promising trading platform.

What Makes Zone Options a Good Platform?

Zone Options offers a way for newbies to overcome their biggest fear, which is losing their initial investment. They offer a risk-free first trade program that anyone who signs up can take advantage of. In case a trader loses money on his or her first trade, Zone Options will return the entire amount lost during trading. The minimum investment amount required to start trading is $200, which can be paid through credit card, bank wire, Western Union remittance, MoneyBookers, or Liberty Reserve.

What Kind of Trading Instruments does Zone Options Offer?

Zone Options basically offers 3 trading instruments. One is the High/Low Instruments, which means that investors can profit based on whether price movements go up or down. For example, an investor can predict that silver will go up in the next three months and rake in a profit if this prediction is correct. There’s also the No Touch Instruments where investors can profit if they correctly predict whether or not prices will touch a certain level. For example, an investor can predict that gold will reach 1.3 within a certain time frame, and will profit if this prediction turns out to be accurate at the end of the given period.

Aside from this, Zone Options also offers In/Out Instruments or Boundary instruments where investors can profit if they correctly predict whether the price of a particular asset falls inside or outside a certain range within a certain amount of time. For example, if an investor predicts that silver prices will end up outside the range of 1.30 to 2.0 by the end of 3 months and this is proven correct, he or she will gain profits based on the amount of money invested. Otherwise, the trader will incur losses if the price of silver ends up within the range of 1.30 to 2.0 by the end of 3 months. As far as trading assets go, Zone Options offers what could be considered an acceptable number compared with other online binary options brokers. They don’t particularly have a wide variety of assets, but what they do offer are very acceptable in the trading industry.

Zone Options Trading SimulatorZone Options now also offers a rollover feature that was not offered on the get go when the platform was introduced. Rollover features allow investors to click on a rollover button and carry over their investment to an identical option and extend the expiry time. This is very useful in turning what looks like an apparent loss to a potential future income.

What are the Bonuses of Using Zone Options?

Aside from the risk-free first trade promotion, Zone Options provides several bonuses for investors. One of which is a bonus scheme for new traders that can go to up to 40% for people who open with an investment of 1,000 (USD, EUR, GBP). That’s as much as $400 for an initial investment of $1,000. Initial investments of 200 to 499 get a 20% bonus and investments of 500 to 999 get a 30% bonus. There’s also a $50 referral bonus if you refer a friend. You can refer as many friends as you want and earn a referral bonus on all of them. Moreover, there are trading competitions that offer weekly prizes to top traders with investments and profits of over $3000.

How Does the Trading Platform of Zone Options Compare with Others?

Zone Options uses the TechFinancial platform, a very good trading platform even if it’s not one of the most widely-used by online options brokers. Overall, Zone Options’ trading platform interface is very clean and has an intuitive feel to it. It’s also great that unlike other option brokerage websites, Zone Options has full mobile compatibility, making it so much easier to access while on the go.

Zone Options Free Account Signup

Pros and Cons of Zone Options

Many investors will find that Zone Options’ interface is very simple and straightforward. It also offers a decent number of assets to trade with. Zone Options investors can also benefit from a very attractive set of bonuses, giving more value for the money that they invest. It’s also worth noting that the risk-free first trade is a significant plus for people who really are not yet sure if they want to risk a large amount of money on this online venture.

Trading in Zone Options can also be attractive for people who like fast-paced returns. Expiry of options can be as fast as 15 minutes so one doesn’t have to wait for days to gain a profit. It also helps that the site offers webinars and other training materials to help in further educating investors on how to make good calls.

The fact that Zone Options uses the TechFinancial platform means that their charts and reports are pretty accurate and comprehensive. One can easily access chart histories for assets, which is a feature that not all brokers provide. However, some of the charting features are still pretty basic, and many seasoned investors won’t be able to make reliable predictions through them. It would be best to supplement the charting features with other more robust charting platforms.


Investing on options is definitely not for everyone. Will Zone Options guarantee a return of investment? No. Like any broker service, it involves high risk and all investors should proceed with caution and invest wisely. If you’re new to this, it’s best to get to know the system first so you won’t have unreasonable expectations from it. Compared with other sites that have been running longer, Zone Options does have a lot to prove to traders.

If you’re looking to branch out and diversify your investments and are looking into online trading, Zone Options may be a good platform to check out. While playing with binary options definitely isn’t for everybody because of the level of financial risk it poses, this online broker can be a great starting point for beginners.

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